At first suggestion to our operators that Vitasoy would use vacuum lifts to replace manual handling of bags of ingredients into our main mixing process, they said things like

“it will be too slow !”

“it won’t reduce the effort we require”

“it won’t handle all our different types of bags with varying types of materials surfaces”

There was a negative attitude to going down this path.
After working with Kockums from initial contact, to active demonstration onsite (with real operators and real product), staged installation, onsite training and final commercial operation the experience has been extremely positive from all parts of our business
The comments from our operators after using the system

“at the end of the day I feel great – much better than before”

“once I worked out the pattern of use, my speed is equal or better than before – but I don’t suffer”

“Fantastic we want more lifters in other areas”
The installation of the vacuum lift system has been extremely positive from Vitasoy’s point of view – solving a significant manual handling problem and over all increasing the engagement of our operators – Kockums has made this transition pleasurable and I would highly recommend their equipment but more importantly their people.